3 Ways to Test Broken Conversion Tracking

PPC management firms have long accepted the fact that conversion tracking is a needed part of PPC management. This simple process has the ability to make management a lot easier in many ways. If it is broken though, or you suspect that is it, your PPC management can go a little bit haywire. For this reason, it is important to take steps to test conversion tracking periodically to see if it is broken, so you can ensure your ads are working and help you make money.

Testing For Broken Conversion Tracking

Broken conversion tracking can be detrimental to your PPC marketing plan, because, without it, you can not judge the effectiveness of your website. If you think your conversion tracking might be broken, consider the following three tips.

  • Tracking Indicator Icon Check- If you are working with AdWords and have opted-in for the tracking indicator option, determining whether your conversion tracking is broken should be relatively easy. After set up, you should be able to go to your final conversion page and see whether a box for ‘Google Site Stats’ is on display. If it isn’t, the conversion code you are using is either not placed on the page at all or it is placed incorrectly. Once you have determined that the tracking indicator icon is not where it should be, either you, or your PPC management company, can work to fix it.
  • View Page Source Code- If your tracking indicator is present, but you are still having trouble with your conversion tracking, you or your PPC management firm can take a look at the ‘view page source code.’ This can be done from a menu of option on your conversion confirmation page. The code should be located at the bottom of the page code, right before the last </body> tag. If the conversion code is present, but higher on the page of code, it can simply be moved to the correct position. If the code is not present at all, it can be replaced on the page. To ensure this is done correctly, you will want to have your PPC management firm place the code so you don’t accidentally place it on the wrong page.
  • Conversion Test Run- After your conversion code is placed on the right page and you have determined that the indicator icon is present, you can choose to run a conversion test. In order to test the effectiveness of your PPC management campaign, the company you are working with will most likely run this test every time you set up a new account so they can catch any new issue. This involves choosing a keyword, clicking on your ad, submitting a conversion (completing a purchase), and waiting for your interface to present you with conversion numbers. If you can see the conversion in the interface with your searched keyword, your problem is fixed.

PPC management success depends greatly on conversion tracking. Without conversion tracking, you can not judge the effectiveness of your site. If you think your conversion tracking might be broken, consider taking these three steps to fix any problem that might have occurred.

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