A Beginner’s Guide To Private Cloud Hosting

A Beginner's Guide to Cloud Computing - Intuji

About 94% of businesses claimed improvement in overall security after shifting their web hosting services to the cloud. It highlights the robust security measures cloud hosting can offer not just to businesses but also when you want to build a private cloud hosting environment.

Cloud hosting has become a popular option due to its easy access and affordability. Unlike traditional hosting options, you pay for what you use. In this article, we will explain private cloud hosting in detail.

What is Private Cloud Server Hosting?

Private cloud hosting is creating a cloud environment for personal use. You can access, store and manage your hosting data via the Internet. Therefore, a private cloud server allows you to

  1. Have more control over your server data ensures the utmost privacy and security
  2. The private cloud hosting pricing costs less in the long run when compared to monthly cloud storage services 
  3. Customisation of private cloud servers according to preference
  4. Easy access with a simple internet connection regardless of location
  5. Quick and easy collaboration and sharing of files
  6. Increase protection measures based on your security needs

How Does Private Cloud Hosting Work?

The benefit of a cloud hosting server is you consolidate multiple servers in a single network. 

Therefore, regardless of location, you can manage your hosting infrastructure remotely with the provided web interface. With a simple internet connection, you get easy access to your data.

Difference Between Cloud Hosting and Cloud Computing

Most people often get confused between the concept of cloud hosting and cloud computing; let’s clarify this-

Cloud HostingCloud Computing
ObjectiveThe objective of cloud hosting is to host web pages.The objective of cloud computing is to handle broader computing tasks. It sits on top of cloud hosting as an application layer.
Hosting EnvironmentA cloud hosting environment handles webpages and their data.The cloud computing environment takes care of computing resources.
Allocation of ResourcesCloud hosting resources are allocated for storage and hosting.Cloud computing resources are allocated to multiple computing tasks.
ScalabilityCloud hosting is generally scalable, but it depends on the hosting type you choose.Cloud computing is highly scalable.
Management by ServerThe hosting provider does the management of the cloud server.Cloud computing is self-managed or managed by the provider, depending upon the option you choose.
Used ForCloud hosting is used for hosting apps and web pages.Cloud computing is used for data analysis, AI and app development etc.
CustomisationThe customisation scope is comparatively low.The customisation scope is comparatively High.

Steps For Planning for Your Personal Cloud Hosting?

  1. Selection of Hardware

You need to select the hardware you need to get most of the benefits of private cloud hosting. It could involve choosing between a spare server, dedicated server, or NAS device. The hardware should be strong enough to manage storage and process RAM.

  1.  Operating System

You need to choose your operating system, which means choosing between Linux or Windows operating system.

  1. Storage

You need to choose storage, whether you mean to store data on a personal cloud server or on an external drive. It can be an internal or external drive or a combination of both.

  1. Network Setup

A network setup is important when you want to make the most benefit of cloud hosting. A smooth internet connection along with a static IP address or DNS for easy remote connection.

  1. Backup Strategy and Security

You need a robust backup strategy, along with firewalls, encryption, and access control, to protect your data.


We have covered everything right from what is private cloud hosting to the steps to set up one. Setting up your private cloud server is rewarding as it gives you control, convenience and enhanced security. Therefore, first, write down your needs and create an action plan before buying a private cloud hosting subscription to reap your cloud hosting benefits.

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