Atos announces Q-score, the only universal metrics to assess quantum performance and superiority

Paris, December 4, 2020

Atos introduces “Q-rating”, the very first universal quantum metrics, applicable to all programmable quantum processors. Atos’ Q-rating actions a quantum system’s performance at handling serious-existence troubles, all those which can’t be solved by common personal computers, instead than just measuring its theoretical general performance. Q-rating reaffirms Atos’ determination to supply early and concrete added benefits of quantum computing. In excess of the earlier 5 yrs, Atos has develop into a pioneer in quantum purposes via its participation in industrial and academic partnerships and funded assignments, doing work hand-in-hand with industrials to produce use-cases which will be capable to be accelerated by quantum computing.

Confronted with the emergence of a myriad of processor systems and programming techniques, companies wanting to invest in quantum computing require a reputable metrics to support them pick out the most successful path for them. Remaining components-agnostic, Q-rating is an aim, straightforward and fair metrics which they can depend on,” mentioned Elie Girard, Atos CEO. “Since the launch of ‘Atos Quantum’ in 2016, the very first quantum computing market application in Europe, our goal has remained the very same: progress the progress of market and analysis purposes, and pave the way to quantum superiority.”

What does Q-rating measure?

These days the range of qubits (quantum models) is the most prevalent figure of benefit for assessing the general performance of a quantum system. Even so, qubits are risky and vastly differ in excellent (velocity, balance, connectivity, etc.) from a single quantum know-how to another (these kinds of as supraconducting, trapped ions, silicon and photonics), creating it an imperfect benchmark software. By focusing on the potential to fix well-recognized combinatorial optimization troubles, Atos Q-rating will deliver analysis centers, universities, enterprises and technological leaders with specific, reputable, aim and equivalent success when solving serious-environment optimization troubles.

Q-rating actions the real general performance of quantum processors when solving an optimization trouble, representative of the close to-expression quantum computing period (NISQ – Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum). To deliver a body of reference for comparing general performance scores and keep uniformity, Q-rating relies on a common combinatorial optimization trouble, the very same for all assessments (the Max-Slash Issue, comparable to the well-recognized TSP – Travelling Salesman Issue, see underneath). The rating is calculated based on the optimum range of variables inside of these kinds of a trouble that a quantum know-how can optimize (ex: 23 variables = 23 Q-rating or Qs).

Atos will organize the publication of a annually list of the most powerful quantum processors in the environment based on Q-rating. Because of in 2021, the very first report will involve real self-assessments presented by suppliers.

Based mostly on an open obtain computer software package, Q-rating is created on three pillars:

  • Software pushed: Q-rating is the only metrics system based on close to-expression obtainable quantum algorithms and actions a quantum system’s capacity to fix useful operational troubles
  • Openness and ease of use: Common and free of charge, Q-rating added benefits from Atos’ know-how-neutral method. Its computer software package, such as instruments and methodology, does not require weighty computation electrical power to work out the metrics
  • Objectiveness and dependability: Atos brings together a components-agnostic, know-how-agnostic method with a powerful knowledge in algorithm style and design and optimization obtained doing work with big market clients and know-how leaders in the quantum field​. The methodology applied to make Q-rating will be produced community and open to assessment.

A free of charge computer software package, which allows Q-rating to be run on any processor will be obtainable in Q1 2021. Atos invites all suppliers to run Q-rating on their know-how and publish their success.

Thanks to the superior qubit simulation abilities of the Atos Quantum Finding out Device (Atos QLM), its powerful quantum simulator, Atos is capable to work out Q-rating estimates for a variety of platforms. These estimates take into account the qualities publicly presented by the suppliers. Final results variety close to a Q-rating of fifteen Qs, but progress is fast, with an estimated regular Q-rating courting from a single 12 months back in the area of ten Qs, and an estimated projected regular Q-rating courting a single 12 months from now to be previously mentioned 20 Qs.

Q-rating has been reviewed by the Atos Quantum Advisory Board, a group of international professionals, mathematicians and physicists authorities in their fields, which met on
December 4, 2020.