How Does Projection Mapping work?

robotized by stefan arisona

What’s Projection Mapping?

In this passage, we’ll abbreviate project mapping to, “PM”. PM is a technology which projects objects onto a surface like a wall (or in the future the sky, Like the batman symbol)

Using this wonderful type of technology, any type of object of your choosing can be altered into a display for video and image projection. These projections can be as deep as an entire building or even an entire country. Or, it could be as simple as a puppy or your car which has a dent on it because your neighbor was drunk last night and crashed into yours thinking he was at the right place!


Unlike flat screen mapping (which only stays on the wall like how in a movie theater) items are not just projected onto a flat surface like a wall. They are composed to wrap around whatever structure you want the display on and guess what! It actually molds into their shape,  converting common objects into interactive 3D displays… Neat right?

How does it work?

It’s called, “pre-production” which is a process where images are fitted on what is known as a, “3D graphic model” of the building. Those same images will then appear to literally wrap around the physical features of that given structure you have chosen. It gives an appearance as if was painted on by a very talented artist.

This type of process can also be used on smaller objects as well, not just walls, buildings, etc. We could also project any type of image on anything from a dryer for some reason or your neighbor’s dog who keeps defecating on your lawn because your he still hasn’t gotten the clue that your lawn isn’t his lawn and when a dog needs to be walked, walk the dog!

Sorry! Anyways, you could also completely change the color of the objects, the structure, and the appearance whenever you choose too.

Now you can understand how projection mapping is super cool, right?

A lot of creative individuals value projection mapping. Especially in the advertising industry. PMs could be used for a variety of causes like parties, even movies, or just for general causes. Maybe you were bored so you wanted to mess with your neighbor’s dog because he keeps barking at night when outside for a pee and poop session. This is a very unique creation. If your kid wants to sell lemonade in front of the house, why not use a PM to enhance the quality of your little merchant’s style? It’s simple yet complex and very effective!

If you have enough money to afford an innovative team that specializes in PMing. Give the professionals a request and they’ll create a projection just for you for whatever cause.

It could be whatever you like too from apples falling during the wonderful summer day with the grass dancing to the winds on your wall at home to a recording of you making the call to these professionals… Imagine that!

This is something truly magical… Such a creative innovation.

We give all thanks to modern technology

Now, production companies, videographers, and an advertiser can produce wonderful images that can be displayed on basically anything.

Once again, from the side of your house to your neighbor’s dog. If it hits the surface, PM will work. There are still more generations of this technology at foot. I can only imagine what plans they have when we get to 2025. Why not give it a try? In your home, you can transform a boring old wall into a wall of creativity. Enhance your home!