Live news: Farmers cannot block roads indefinitely during protests, says SC

Are living news updates: The Supreme Court on Thursday gave farmers’ unions three weeks to reply to a petition contacting for the removal of protesters tenting at Delhi’s borders for additional than yr.

“We are not towards right to protest even as lawful challenge is pending but roadways can not be blocked,” the court docket informed unions who have blocked roadways, highways and on Monday held up trains to press for the scrapping of three rules liberalising India’s agriculture marketplaces.

 India done administering one billion doses (one hundred crore) of Covid-19 vaccines on Thursday: a milestone the govt is celebrating with celebrations at Delhi’s Red Fort as questions are asked about the gap in between two inoculations. 

The quantity of folks who have died in Uttarakhand in rains this 7 days has risen to 52. At least five folks are even now missing, said officers on Wednesday as rescuers dug via debris of landslides and collapsed buildings.