Paddy acreage tops 400 lakh hectares

  For the first time this kharif season, paddy acreage has surpassed last year’s ranges…


For the first time this kharif season, paddy acreage has surpassed last year’s ranges with transplantation getting rate on fantastic rainfall in numerous components of the country. As for each the hottest data produced by the Agriculture Ministry, the location underneath paddy has crossed the four hundred lakh hectares (lh) mark.


Deficit rainfall

Paddy acreage has elevated in Madhya Pradesh by ten.69 lh, Telangana by 8.19 lh and Jharkhand by 1.seventy three lh. The coverage is also bigger in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Bihar, West Bengal, Punjab and Haryana among the other individuals. On the other hand, States these types of as Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala have documented a drop in the coverage.

The decide on-up in paddy transplantation alongside with pulses and maize has assisted narrow down the deficit in total kharif acreage owing to deficit rainfall in Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Catching Up


Late sowing probable

The total kharif location now stands at 1,081.50 lh, marginally lessen than 1,094.01 lh during the identical time period a 12 months in the past. The decide on-up in rains this week in components of Rajasthan and Gujarat may perhaps provide in more location underneath late sown crops, particularly pulses.

Amid pulses, the location underneath tur and urad has elevated, though moong proceeds to trail. The decide on up in rains in current week has assisted moong achieve location in Rajasthan, the important producer of the green gram. Overall location underneath tur has elevated to 49.49 lh (forty seven.forty five lh), though that of urad has observed a marginal maximize at 37.ninety four lh (37.eighty five lh), and moong location at 34.27 lh (34.93 lh). States these types of as Karnataka, Rajasthan, Jharkhand, Haryana and Maharashtra have observed bigger location underneath pulses, though MP, Odisha, Telangana, Gujarat and AP have documented a dip in acreage.

The location underneath coarse cereals is trailing last year’s ranges largely on account of a drop in sowing of bajra owing to the rainfall deficit in Rajasthan. On the other hand, the location underneath maize has elevated to 80.98 lh(79.42 lh), though jowar acreage has been maintained at last year’s level of fourteen.seventy five lh. The acreages underneath ragi and little millets are trailing last year’s ranges by a little margin. Karnataka, MP and UP among the other individuals have documented bigger location underneath coarse cereals, though Rajasthan, Telangana and Maharashtra have documented a drop.

Oilseeds acreage, also, proceeds to trail on account of lessen location underneath groundnut, sesamum and castor. Soyabean acreage has surpassed last year’s level at 121.fifty nine lh (a hundred and twenty.sixty one lh) and sunflower at 1.forty five lh (1.18 lh). Groundnut location is lessen at forty eight.fifty six lh (50.76 lh), sesamum at 12.95 lh (thirteen.sixty one lh) and castor at 5.62 lh (6.49 lh). Maharashtra, Gujarat, MP, Rajasthan and Karntaka have documented bigger location underneath oilseeds, though Telangana and AP among the other individuals have observed a drop.

Gujarat cotton location slips

While cotton location, when in comparison to the normal for the season is marginally bigger at 118.thirteen, it proceeds to trail when in comparison with the last 12 months. States reporting bigger cotton location incorporate Telangana, Karnataka and Rajasthan among the other individuals. Lessen cotton location is documented from Gujarat, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh.