Producers’ group formed to step up supply of pearl spot seeds in Kerala

To make readily available top quality seeds of pearl place (karimeen) to fish farmers in Kerala, the Ernakulam Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) has fashioned the Karimeen Seed Producers Group.

The members consist of fish farmers who have been given technical advice from KVK in the seed production. The aim is to emphasize pearl place seed production as a future aqua-undertaking and bring in children to the industry.

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“For the past five yrs, KVK has been supplying the fish seeds generated by the production units of qualified fish farmers in Ernakulam. The recently fashioned group of effective farmers will support meet the shortage of top quality seeds in the point out,” mentioned Shinoj Subramannian, Head of Ernakulam KVK.

The initiative is also expected to raise KVK’s initiatives to acquire pearl place seed production units in the coastal areas of the district.

To obtain pearl place seeds, get hold of 8281757450 or 9995874050.