Pulses, oilseeds push up kharif area

Favourable conditions have aided farmers to finish planting in 55 per cent of the usual kharif cropping location in a record time and the location covered until Friday was forty four per cent a lot more than that was sown in the corresponding week final yr, at 580 lakh hectares (lh), according to kharif sowing knowledge released by Agriculture Ministry, listed here. The location planted in the same week final yr was 402.six lh.

Assisting farmers plant a lot more this time was thanks to improved monsoon – equally in conditions of protection and quantum as perfectly as at ease water storage in reservoirs. As on Thursday, the state been given 275.four millimetres (mm) of rainfall as in opposition to the usual of 243.six mm throughout the monsoon year which started off on June one. Likewise, 123 reservoirs monitored by the Central Water Commission on Thursday had 67 per cent a lot more water as compared to the corresponding interval final yr.


Pulses, oilseeds and cotton accounted for significantly of the raise. Aided by sizeable raise in planting of arhar, urad and moong, the complete location beneath pulses was more than 64 lh, a whopping 162 per cent a lot more than same week final yr. Substantially of this spurt in sowing claimed from Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka even even though the acreage is up in several other States as well. Likewise, there is a significant raise in oilseeds planting in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat. Together with Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, the other two States, the place the planting is significantly larger as compared to final year, these States took the complete oilseeds location so much to 139 lh, nearly 85 per cent a lot more than corresponding week final yr. At 101 lh, soyabean is just ten lh shy of the location normally planted.

Cotton sowing

Greater planting in Maharashtra and Karnataka has resulted in cotton location heading up by 35 per cent one zero five lh as compared to final yr. Driving on increased sowing of maize, the location beneath coarse cereals as well went up by 30 per cent to 93 lh.

The planting of rice in several States, which include Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh and other individuals was larger than same interval final yr, getting the complete location covered so much to 121 lh, which is 26 per cent larger than 96 lh achieved in the same interval final yr.