3 Million Hong Kong Residents Could Be Offered U.K. Citizenship Amid China Standoff

LONDON—U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated Britain is looking at offering a route to British citizenship for practically three million Hong Kong inhabitants, as the U.K. escalates a standoff with China over its final decision to impose a stringent safety regulation on the previous British colony.

The Chinese legislature handed a resolution to introduce a safety regulation in Hong Kong that mirrors how mainland Chinese companies police routines that obstacle Communist Social gathering rule. The final decision to bypass Hong Kong’s legislature has been heavily…

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3 reasons not to move your portfolio to cash

Logically, you know your asset blend must only alter if your objectives alter. But in the encounter of serious current market swings, you may perhaps have a hard time convincing oneself of that—especially if you are retired or shut to retirement. We’re listed here to assist.

If you are tempted to go your inventory or bond holdings to cash when the current market drops, weigh your final decision towards these 3 details prior to using any motion.

  1. You’ll “lock in” your losses if you go your portfolio to cash when the current market is down.

    Once you’ve marketed, your trade

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3 mistakes to avoid during a market downturn


Failing to have a plan

Investing without a plan is an error that invites other errors, such as chasing performance, market-timing, or reacting to market “noise.” Such temptations multiply during downturns, as investors looking to protect their portfolios seek quick fixes.

Developing an investment plan doesn’t need to be hard. You can start by answering a few key questions. If you’re not inclined to make your own plan, a financial advisor can help.


Fixating on “losses”

Let’s say you have a plan, and your portfolio is balanced across asset classes and diversified within them, but your portfolio’s value

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IQOO 3 first Impressions: This 5G smartphone has something for all

iQOO is the most up-to-date player in the Indian smartphone current market, and it has began with a bang with its 5G smartphone iQoo 3 that sporting activities a combination of powerful specs and notable features that delivers it in direct level of competition with OnePlus smartphones and Realme X50 Pro 5G.

We obtained our fingers on the system and right here are the initial impressions:


The 5G version of iQoo 3 arrives with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. The key emphasize of the cellphone is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset. This is an octa-main SoC made

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