A 2017 Magento Bug is Opening Up Online Shops for Hackers

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Patch, patch, patch…

Hackers are commonly exploiting a 2017 vulnerability in a Magento plug-in that permits them to just take over a user’s e-commerce web site and embed malicious code that permits the skimming of credit card data.

Magento, purchased by Adobe for $one.68 billion in May well 2018, is an open up-supply ecommerce system that allows customers build on line stores/system payments. Thanks to the nature of the data it processes it is a primary target for danger actors wanting to steal shoppers’ money credentials.

It has persistently established a juicy vector for assaults.


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Thousands Exposed, Bug Gives Full RCE as Root

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Full remote command execution as root

Two critical vulnerabilities in the software of the open source Salt project have been awarded the highest possible CVSS score of 10 — with security company F-Secure today warning that “we expect that any competent hacker will be able to create 100 percent reliable exploits for these issues in under 24 hours.”

The “Salt” management framework by the company SaltStack is widely used as a configuration tool to manage servers in data centres, including in cloud environments. The vulnerabilities, in Salt master versions 3001 and earlier, were patched yesterday by

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Worrying “Unpatchable” Bug, or Obscure Attack Unlikely to be Exploited?

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But how undesirable is it actually?

Two Xilinx Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) goods have a essential vulnerability dubbed “Starbleed” that could enable an attacker to remotely consider command of the chip and adjust its performance — meaning destructive actors could steal mental assets, or damage workflows.

That is according to scientists at the Horst Görtz Institute for IT Safety and the Max Planck Institute for Safety and Privacy, who have recognized a way to decrypt and then tamper with the FPGA’s bitstream — a sequence of facts in binary form that in the end controls the

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Developers Can Now Check Bug Fixes from the Loo

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Want to evaluate bug fixes on the fly?

The timing, arguably, could not be much better. Developers floating about the home trying to stay away from their kids can now triage challenges and merge code on their smartphones from the rest room or other bolthole of their decision, soon after GitHub this evening introduced the general availability of GitHub for cell on iOS and Android.

Initially introduced in November, a beta launch has been in broad circulation with above a person hundred thousand pull requests and challenges in the past few months by itself, GitHub claimed nowadays:

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