It is important to give farmers the power of scale: MS Swaminathan

The Centre just lately ushered in agricultural advertising and marketing reforms offering farmers the alternative to provide outside the house the regulated sector yards (APMC mandis). Eminent agricultural scientist Prof M S Swaminathan, Chairman, National Commission on Farmers, suggests agri-advertising and marketing reform measures are probably effective, but there is nonetheless a extensive way to go in guaranteeing a honest and reliable price tag for producers. Excerpts from an e-mail interaction:

What are your sights on the agri-advertising and marketing reforms released by the Centre?

The agri-advertising and marketing reforms are probably effective, but we nonetheless have to go

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Montefiore Health System using tech to scale population health management strategies

Affected person wellbeing extends much further than the healthcare placing alone, and is subject to impact from a selection of external variables that can variety from every thing from medicine adherence to diet. Montefiore Wellness Process understood this, and understood it desired a improved inhabitants wellbeing strategy that integrated these social determinants in a way that emphasized efficiency and quality of treatment.

Its solution, at minimum philosophically, was basic: leverage engineering, synthetic intelligence in particular, to improved engage individuals and enable improved treatment coordination.

The wellbeing method experienced some certain targets in mind – to lessen preventable admissions, readmissions and

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