Three-month high offer for coonoor tea auction

The growing development witnessed in the offer you for Coonoor Tea Trade Association very last week carries on this week with 24.14 lakh kg remaining supplied for Sale No: 40 of the auctions of Coonoor Tea Trade Association to be held on Thursday and Friday.

This is as a great deal as one.thirty lakh kg far more than the offer you of very last week.

It is the greatest quantity of the very last a few months, the previous large remaining 24.86 lakh kg on July sixteen.

This week’s offer you consists of some teas which remained unsold in the previous weeks.

Of the 24.14 lakh kg supplied for this week’s auctions, as a great deal as 22.82 lakh kg belongs to CTC assortment and only one.32 lakh kg orthodox assortment. The proportion of orthodox teas carries on to be reduced in both equally leaf and dust grades. In the leaf tea counter, only 97,000 kg belongs to orthodox whilst sixteen.eighty three lakh kg, CTC. Between the dust tea, only 35,000 kg belongs to orthodox whilst five.99 lakh kg, CTC. In all, 17.80 lakh kg belongs to Leaf grades and six.34 lakh kg, Dust grades.

The CTC Broken Pekoe quality of Homedale Estate, auctioned by World wide Tea Auctioneers Pvt Ltd., (GTAPL) topped the total auctions very last week when Tea Services India Pvt Ltd., bought it for ₹ 297 a kg. In the CTC Dust tea auction, Homedale Estate’s Red Dust quality, auctioned by GTAPL, topped at ₹280 a kg. Between other CTC teas, Crosshill Estate Quality obtained ₹ 229, Pinewood Estate ₹ 211 and Vigneshwar Estate ₹206. Between orthodox teas, Chamraj obtained ₹ 276.

Quotations with the brokers indicated ₹ 72-seventy eight a kg for plain Leaf grades and ₹ 127-211 for the best grades. For plain Dust grades, they ranged ₹ 65-75 and for the best grades, ₹ 148-186.