Reports of crop damage lift tur prices

Stories of problems to tur crops in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh on account of continuing rains have lifted tur in Madhya Pradesh with tur (Maharashtra) in this article currently rising to ₹7,200. Tur (Nimari) also dominated bigger at ₹5,800-seven,000 a quintal. As opposed to last week, tur is ruling ₹100 a quintal bigger. Rise in tur also lifted it is dal prices, with tur dal (sawa no) currently staying quoted at ₹9,300- 9,four hundred, tur dal (complete) at ₹9,500-9,700, whilst tur dal marka dominated at ₹ 9,900-10,a hundred a quintal respectively.

Moong and urad on the other hand dominated stable on subdued desire with moong (bold) currently staying quoted at ₹7,200-seven,500 a quintal, whilst moong (regular) dominated at ₹6,000-6,500 a quintal. Moong dal (bold) was quoted at ₹8,500- 8,800, whilst moong mongar dominated at ₹ 9,700-10,200 a quintal. Urad also dominated steady with urad (bold) in this article currently staying quoted at ₹ seven,500-₹7,700, whilst urad (regular) dominated at ₹6,000-6,500 a quintal.