Day: July 6, 2020

How Kremlin’s View of U.S.’s War in Afghanistan Has Shifted

For a long time soon after the Sept. eleven attacks, the U.S. and Russia shared a aim of deposing the Taliban govt and searching down its remnants in the countryside.

But that widespread objective crumbled in current a long time amid mutual suspicion and U.S. options to depart Afghanistan with the Taliban undefeated. Right now, amid a furor in Washington around intelligence assessments that Russia allegedly paid out bounties to the Taliban to assault U.S. troopers, it may have observed an epitaph.

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China Detains One of Xi Jinping’s Most Prominent Critics

HONG KONG—Chinese authorities have detained a lawful scholar regarded as a single of the couple distinguished voices in China nevertheless ready to openly criticize President Xi Jinping’s management, the professor’s close friends say.

Xu Zhangrun, a regulation professor at Beijing’s prestigious Tsinghua University, was taken by law enforcement from his suburban dwelling in the Chinese money on Monday early morning, in accordance to his close friends, who cited a housekeeper and a neighbor who witnessed the course of action.

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As Coronavirus Surges in U.S., Some Countries Have Just About Halted It

Some European nations are closing in on a milestone that to the U.S. appears to be distant: virtually halting the new coronavirus from spreading within their territories.

Echoing the achievement of Asia-Pacific countries these kinds of as New Zealand, Vietnam and Taiwan, a handful of spots in Europe are reporting only a smattering of new every day bacterial infections. Their accomplishment in made up of the pandemic has permitted them to reopen their economies previously, at a more rapidly clip and with better self-assurance than the stop-begin efforts of U.S. states and tricky-hit…

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What Restaurants Need to Reopen: a Flattened Infection Curve and Fresh Air

PARIS—Public-health and fitness authorities in the U.S. have singled out dining establishments and bars as a supply of coronavirus contagion. Nevertheless in Europe, bistros, pizzerias and cafes bustling with clientele have experienced no major outbreaks.

The variance, health and fitness authorities say, stems from Europe’s achievements in flattening its infection curve right before dining establishments and bars reopened. And the Continent is also benefiting from a thing lots of eateries across the Sunbelt—from Florida to Southern California—currently lack: fresh new air.

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