Day: August 11, 2020

Unravelling the mystery of how viru… – Information Centre – Research & Innovation

Rising viruses pose a major risk to world-wide general public health and fitness. EU-funded exploration is assisting to progress our comprehending of how infectious conditions evolve and adapt genetically, informing our efforts to acquire an efficient response. Scientists have by now utilized these new techniques to quite a few general public health and fitness crises, together with COVID-19.

Picture of a doctor

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The escalating number of viral outbreaks in current a long time poses a apparent risk to our well-being, as well as often provoking significant economic repercussions. Nevertheless, the swift evolution of know-how suggests that we are

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A breath of fresh air for organ transplantation – Information Centre – Research & Innovation

Improved outcomes, even with more mature and significantly less-promising donor organs: new procedures trialled by an EU-funded job have created powerful results, widening the scope to transplant kidneys and livers that may usually not have been considered. Sufferers and health care units equally stand to advantage.


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The EU-funded COPE job trialled innovative methods to make much more donated organs transplantable, highlighting the likely of two of the proposed innovations. COPE also assembled a vast biobank of substance that is facilitating further more research. It associated a huge quantity of specialised European transplant centres as perfectly as various

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Henry Ford Health System’s use of CarePort during COVID-19 improves care decisions

Henry Ford Health Technique has labored with CarePort’s transition-of-care platform for in excess of a 12 months, but in excess of the previous many months as the technique acquired a surge of COVID-19 people, the platform has permitted the Michigan-primarily based well being technique to prioritize client and staff members basic safety.

CarePort provides a care coordination platform where people can be discovered, tracked and managed throughout the continuum.

Via its partnership with CarePort, Henry Ford is able to talk specifically with publish-acute care suppliers to share the COVID-19 tests status of people. This lets the suppliers to get the

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New material enables switch to ener… – Information Centre – Research & Innovation

Engineers are racing to exchange silicon in electronics with a much more responsive and power-successful substitute. EU-funded scientists have intended new products with opportunity purposes in communications, World wide web of Factors technological know-how, and even in detecting coronavirus.

Picture of a tree made out of electronic circuits

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As products shrink in sizing and expand in complexity, we want to find strategies of developing electronics to satisfy these requires and use less power in performing so.

Just lately, the plan of working with useful oxides in nanoelectronic circuits has been expanding. Purposeful oxides can be created to quickly change from an insulating condition to

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From value chain to value loop with… – Information Centre – Research & Innovation

Squander is only waste if you can not put it to excellent use! EU-funded researchers have developed a circular benefit chain deriving earnings sustainably from wet straw, biogas digestate and very similar residues, by using goods these as fertiliser, fuel pellets and mushroom substrate – and boosting vitality generation in the method.


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The EU-funded circular economic climate venture MUBIC focused on the transformation of reduced-benefit agricultural waste into substantial-benefit products – just one of which is employed to improve mushrooms, whose cultivation the associates established out to revolutionise.

More especially, this product or service is

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