Atos delivers its Quantum Learning Machine to Japan

Paris, May well 13, 2020

Atos, a international leader in digital transformation, right now announced that it has marketed its Atos Quantum Understanding Machine (QLM), the world’s maximum-accomplishing commercially offered quantum simulator, through its APAC distributor Smart Wave Inc. (IWI), in Japan. This is the initially QLM that Atos has marketed in Japan.

Quantum computing is a key precedence for Japan. It launched a focused 10-calendar year, ¥30 billion ($280 million) quantum investigation plan in 2017, followed by a ¥100 billion ($900 million) expense into its Moonshot R&D Plan – 1 focus of which will be to generate a fault-tolerant common quantum pc to revolutionize the overall economy, market, and protection sectors by 2050.

Combining a superior-run, extremely-compact equipment with a common programming language, the Atos Quantum Understanding Machine permits scientists and engineers to produce and experiment with quantum software. It is the world’s only quantum software enhancement and simulation appliance for the coming quantum pc period. It simulates the legislation of physics, which are at the very coronary heart of quantum computing, to compute the correct execution of a quantum plan with double-digit precision.

“We’re delighted to have marketed our initially QLM in Japan, thanks to our solid operating partnership with Smart Wave Inc. We are very pleased to be part of this developing momentum as the nation strategies to raise innovation through quantum. Japan understands that quantum investigation necessitates a prolonged-term vision and nurtures innovation at just about every level to create its future results in the field” reported Nourdine Bihmane, Head of Increasing Markets and Head of B&PS Public & Regional at Atos. The Atos Quantum Understanding Machine permits organizations to produce and experiment with quantum processes and delivers outstanding simulation abilities to pace innovation.”

The introduction of the Atos QLM permits organizations to prepare algorithms customized to their possess use cases and adapt them to latest and future quantum systems. It also supports investigation and instructional establishments in schooling human sources to quantum programming and to endorse state-of-the-art investigation on these subject areas.

The Atos QLM simulates the behavior of a quantum pc, that means that quantum algorithms can be created without the require for quantum hardware. As the Atos QLM is hardware-agnostic, quantum algorithms created on it can be executed on any quantum pc from any manufacturer.

Atos QLM buyers continue to improve. Launched in 2017, the QLM is currently being employed in quite a few countries worldwide including Austria, Finland, France, Germany, India,  Italy, the Netherlands, Senegal, UK and the United States, empowering key investigation packages in several sectors. Atos’ formidable plan to foresee the future of quantum computing – the ‘Atos Quantum’ plan – was launched in November 2016. As a end result of this initiative, Atos was the initially group to give a quantum noisy simulation module in the Atos QLM.

Much more details about Atos Quantum Understanding Machine: https://atos.internet/en/alternatives/quantum-studying-equipment