Hotel Operation: The Importance of Excellent Hospitality

The business of hotel operations is an integral part of a productive and profitable accommodation company. The operations management has an effect on the entire hotel including the size, quantity, quality, price, profitability and swiftness of the delivery of services and it is important that leading industry management practices are utilised to ensure you provide top quality services. An important part of having excellent hotel management includes understanding the differences between service and hospitality. Service is how well something is done technically and hospitality is how good something feels emotionally. Good hotels implement this concept in order to give their customers a memorable experience. In the hotel industry you receive a lot of one time only customers and the most important part of a hotel’s role is to provide hospitality that goes above and beyond the necessities of good service.

Customer service is a key part of every organisation and it is basically the physical delivery of the non tangible part of the product you sell. The important aspect is that the service element of a sale is a one way transaction. All successful companies understand service and deliver it very well. In the business of hotel operations, customer service is an essential part of the product you provide. In contrast, hospitality is another thing altogether but nevertheless incredibly important. It is easy to get away with poor customer service in an uncompetitive market; however, in a developed and competitive market such as hotels, excellent hospitality is absolutely essential in remaining ahead of the game and separates your business from those who have poor hospitality.

Hospitality is about the connection you make with customers on an emotional level and what you can provide them to create an overall enjoyable and memorable experience. It is about what the customer feels after they have stayed at your hotel and the bonds, relationships and positive feelings between the team and customers make hospitality what it is. It is important to hire employees at your hotel who understand the importance of good hospitality as opposed to just good service and how it affects the profitability and popularity of the hotel. Besides the product you are trying to sell, customer service is an essential part of the business but more importantly so is hospitality and this is what sets your business apart from all the other hotels out there. These two concepts are abstract but nonetheless absolutely vital.

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