Preparatory for Property Valuation

Preparatory for Property Valuation

In order to accurately determine the value of a property, several studies are conducted which include physical property research, out-and-out study of the area, current real-estate market values and several other assessment programs based on the kind of property. However, despite the fact that the valuation is done by appraiser who you hired and is being paid well to do what he should, it is still necessary for you to do the appropriate preparations to make the property more presentable. A clean and well-maintained place is likely to get higher valuation compared to something that is of the same kind, but not as well-groomed.

As a property owner, here’s what you have to put in mind prior to the arrival of the valuation officer. First is to be there when the valuer assesses your property. This task is not something you can put on someone else’s plate such as friends and relatives. You have to be there in order to give the most accurate answers about the property. Second is to make the property look the most presentable it can get as if who you’re expecting is not a valuer but a potential client. You have to clean up everything, repair the damages and see if there’s more you can add in order to make the property more beautiful. No need to overdo it but some effort would be nice. Nobody wants a dirty and defective property. On the other hand, if you exert effort to make the place look better, it will show and your hard work will eventually pay off.

Don’t forget the area where customers are very particular about, the kitchen and the bathroom. The kitchen is where people eat, and the bathroom is where people relieve themselves. They want these sensitive areas to be as clean as possible.

But let’s not just focus on the inside of the house alone, the outside is important as well. And let’s face it, first impression might not last, but for valuers and clients, first impression matters. An artfully landscaped garden and healthy plants will surely leave them wanting to see the inside even more. Beautification of the property has to be inside-out.

Last, but not the least, check out other properties in your area for comparison purposes. This will ensure that you’re not overpricing or undervaluing your property. However, instead of going around the town, you can acquire these kind of information at property auctions around your area.

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