Sony joins race to develop electric cars

Apple has been researching methods to enter the marketplace, although China’s Xiaomi and Huawei are also searching to acquire their possess motor vehicles.

Other tech companies have struggled, on the other hand. Google’s driverless motor vehicle spin-off Waymo has mentioned it does not system to manufacture its possess autos, although Dyson scrapped designs to acquire an electrical auto.

Sony 1st unveiled a prototype auto two decades ago, and began screening it in December 2020 on European roadways.

It makes it possible for motorists to use their possess sounds these types of as songs or speech when accelerating and slowing down to swap the traditional sound of petrol-driven engines. 

Sony is also screening 5G connections on its autos, which it mentioned could make it possible for them to be driven remotely.

Shares in Sony rose far more than 4pc in Tokyo subsequent the announcement, reflecting the insatiable demand from customers for electrical motor vehicle shares.

Sony has a lengthy historical past of diving into jobs that wrestle to reach traction, these types of as the Betamax movie, Aibo robots and its MiniDisc songs format that was immediately rendered out of date by MP3 players.

Nevertheless, the organization was a leader in expert movie in the nineteen eighties with the Betacam and Hi8 formats, although its Trinitron televisions had been lengthy regarded the finest on the marketplace.