Time Management Tools – 7 Tips to Banish Blocks to Managing Money and Time

Time Management Tools – 7 Tips to Banish Blocks to Managing Money and Time

Time management tools abound, but they may not directly address the problems you face. That applies to money management books, too. Finding the time you need and saving money wouldn’t be persistent problems if they were easy to master. What makes it so hard for you to progress? What will be your key to success?

One of the most powerful ways to overcome longstanding blocks to power is to refocus your energy upon yourself. Not in a punitive or controlling way, but with friendly curiosity. There are an astounding range of issues that can block your natural capability in managing money and time. Rather than beat yourself, conduct a thorough investigation.

  1. You are unique. Your challenges and your solutions about money and time vary from anyone else’s. You alone make the tough decisions about what to leave behind and what to carry forward on your life path. Authors may point the way, but you do the walking.
  2. So become an expert on yourself to develop a successful approach. Success is not only possible, it is guaranteed, if you study the most important factor, which is yourself. And if you assume full responsibility to make wise choices.
  3. Money and time issues are like icebergs. Third, financial and scheduling challenges reach deep inside you. Like an iceberg, the base of your issues about time and money may be 7/8 submerged.
  4. The hidden base of your iceberg may reveal surprises. Problems in almost any area of your life will eventually manifest in your schedule and in your budget. So to revise difficult money and time choices, explore and chart the submerged 7/8 of the situation. Mastering your time and your money challenges entails confronting how you approach freedom, responsibility, and relationships.
  5. Start small and work deep. Attempting to plow through a deeply rooted problem, like a ship battering an iceberg, will cause your efforts will sink like the Titanic. But if you approach the complexity of your challenges with patience and persistence, you will enjoy far-ranging results that may pleasantly surprise you.
  6. Make a better map. Start with your smallest problem to build your skills, and work up. Identify if each problem is based on misconceptions, resistance or undefined priorities. Once you have correctly charted the problem, you can start to determine your course of action.
  7. Know when to call in a guide. As you proceed, you may encounter situations where outside perspective helps you navigate more successfully. Seeking others’ overviews can enrich your quest to make the most of your money and your time.

So, what is your next step to make powerful choices about your money and your time?

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