Which Digestive Supplement Should You Choose For Acid Reflux and Heartburn?

In the past, most people did not pay much attention to what they were taking in supplements for indigestion because there were many of them on the market. However, today there are hundreds of different supplements for indigestion that can help you with your digestion problems from everything from wheatgrass and alfalfa to lactose and pectin to cinnamon and clove oil. If you take a good look around the kitchen at your pantry or refrigerator you are sure to find a few natural supplements for indigestion.

Natural Supplements For Indigestion

For you to use these natural supplements for indigestion you need to identify those ingredients that will provide you with the help that you need. For instance, if you are dealing with occasional episodes of diarrhea you can consider taking supplements for indigestion with digestive enzymes like ginger to your diet. When added to your diet, these ingredients will help break down gastric acid so that it can pass through your digestive system without being held up in your stomach or throat.

Burping And Exhalation

You can use supplements for indigestion to promote normal burping and exhalation, which are often symptoms of acid reflux. Burping and exhalation are often associated with the discomfort associated with acid reflux, so it is often helpful to use digestive aids to help with these processes. Often, simply changing your diet is enough to begin the process of easing up the symptoms of both burping and exhalation. Of course, you can also choose to use digestive aids in making changes to your diet if you want to go the extra mile and treat the symptoms of your acid reflux naturally.

Herbal Supplement

For heartburn sufferers, an excellent choice to use as a dietary supplement for indigestion is ephedra. This is a powerful natural ingredient that has been used for generations to treat both heartburn and indigestion. Unfortunately, this powerful ingredient is also highly addictive and very dangerous for people who abuse it. Luckily, you can now purchase natural, safe ephedra in the form of a heartburn herbal supplement. In the last decade or so, this herbal supplement has become extremely popular among those who are trying to treat heartburn and indigestion symptoms naturally, and for good reason.


Another type of dietary supplement for indigestion that is available to help people with both acid reflux and heartburn is made from pectin. The pectin in this digestive supplement helps to improve the speed at which food passes through the intestines, which is an essential factor in preventing indigestion symptoms. However, just like the ephedra, this type of digestive supplement is highly addictive and dangerous for those who abuse it. If you are considering giving this type of digestive supplement to yourself to help you with your acid reflux, heartburn, or any digestive issue, please ensure you know what you are giving yourself. Pectin is a rich source of fiber, so if you choose to use this as a dietary supplement for indigestion, be sure you use it properly.


Probiotics are another great addition to your dietary supplement regimen for indigestion. Probiotics are essential for anyone who has acid reflux and digestive problems, as they improve digestion and overall health. If you would like to give yourself a digestive advantage without dealing with the complications that come with taking prescription medications for indigestion and acid reflux, try using probiotics. These supplements are a natural way to treat indigestion without putting your long-term health at risk.