Why Choose and Buy an ATM from Goldstar?

The only people who are not making money today, are those who are not aware of the many options available out there. If you want to make some money, there’s no easier way than installing an ATM machine in your location.

There are currently, 470,135 ATMs in the US. This number is growing daily. Not only banks own these machines anymore. Everyone who wants a piece of the banking action can have one and earn from people using it. See more about this here.

How can you get an ATM?

Lots of companies are selling or renting ATMs today. You can find them in all parts of the country. The manufacturers of these machines are not exclusively dedicated to delivering them to banks and financial institutions. No, everyone can have one.

So, if you own a restaurant, for example, and you have where to place it, you can have one and earn from the surcharge.

What is a surcharge?

The surcharge is the fee that the ATM is going to charge people who withdraw money from it. Every transaction has expenses that the customers see as a part of their transaction. A fee for the bank providing the money, and a fee for the company running the automated teller machine.

This fee is called a surcharge. It is the way you’re going to profit from people using the machine. It may seem like a small amount at the moment, but when you get all the transactions together, you’ll earn a lot of money.

How much do they cost?

One ATM machine can cost somewhere from $1,000 and up to $10,000. Depending on what you want, it may be a serious investment in your business or something that will add a little more to your income.

There’s the option to get one on the leasing. In this case, you’ll probably pay somewhere from $60 to $120 per month. It’s the same if you plan on renting it. In both cases, the amount that you’ll need to pay upfront will be much lower than the one you’ll pay in cash.

Of course, on this, you’ll need to add the amount that you’ll earn. The commission or the surcharge will need to be greater than the amount spent on renting it. There’s no logic in getting one if you’re always losing money instead of earning.

 Choose Goldstar if you’re in Oregon

Getting an ATM is best done locally. There’s no logic in buying one in a different state and have it driven from across the country to your location. If you’re living and working in Oregon, this company is best for you. They offer a lot of options and will listen to your needs before making a deal.

All you need to do is check out their website or give them a call. You just need to open their page and fill in the Goldstar ATM contact us form. You’ll get instant information about everything you’re interested in. There’s no easier way to do business than exchanging a few e-mails until the time of signing comes.

If you opt for some of their models, they’ll be happy to tell you more about the options provided. Just look at the website and see what they offer. Learn more about the ATM business in general, and ask the questions that you’re interested in.

It takes quite some research before you reach the perfect solution. You must do some thinking about what is the best option for you and then find out what to ask the provider of the ATM. When you get all the answers, you should focus on reaching the best possible deal for you.


The reasons above are enough for you to know why getting an ATM from this company in Oregon is the best thing you can do for improving your already existing business, or starting a business with ATMs. Learn more about ATMs in general on the link: https://www.investopedia.com/terms/a/atm.asp.

It’s crucial to do some research before getting one, though. Find out everything there is about this business, think about what’s the most important deal for you, and make sure the business flows by owning some of the best ATMs in the state.